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HDMI to VGA/YPbPr+Audio Converter

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The Converter use a single HDMI source, accessing to single VGA+SPDIF sink or single YPbPr+SPDIF sink. The Converter allows one HDMI device to be converted easily to one VGA+SPDIF or one YPbPr+SPDIF monitor or projector.Our devices offer solutions for noise, space and security concerns, data center control, information distribution, conference room presentation, school and corporate training environments.
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1、Main unit------------------------------------ 1PCS

2、5V DC Power Supply-------------------------1PCS

3、User's Manual--------------------------------1PCS

2.0 Features

1. One HDMI input signal convert to one YPbPr+SPDIF or VGA+SPDIF sink device.

2. Support audio output: SPDIF(Optical)+ R/L analog .

3. Support output : Support up to UXGA and 1080I(50/60Hz),the same format as input.

4. LED indication: when source or sink is working, LED relative to is light.

5. No loss of quality

6. Installs in minutes

7. Need DC5V/1A power supply


Input Video signal----------------------------------------------------0.5~1.5Volts p-p

Input DDC signal------------------------------------------------------5Volts p-p (TTL)

VGA or YPbPr output--------------------------Support up to UXGA and 1080I(60Hz)

Audio output---------------------------------------------------R/L Analog and optical

Max transmission bandwidth--------------------------------------------------5.1Gbps

Max working current------------------------------------------------------------600mA

Power adapter format---------------------------------------------------------DC5V/1A

Operating Temperature range-------------------------------------------(-15 to +55)

Operating Humidity range----------------------------5 to 90%RH (No Condensation)

Dimension (L x W x H)--------------------------------------------------178x65x27 (mm)



Please study the panel drawings below and become familiar with the signal

input(S),output(S)and power requirements.

3.0 Connection and Operation

1) Connect the HDMI Cable between HDMI signal source and HDMI INPUT of converter.

2) Connect the VGA Cable between converter and VGA display.

3) Connect the YPbPr Cable between converter and YPbPr display.

4) The R/L audio cable is connected to speakers.

5) The Toslink cable is connected to the digital speakers.

6) Connect the power adapter between converter and outlet. Open the power supply of HDMI signal source and the display. Choose corresponding input ports, then it works.


Please use the machine as the instruction listed to keep the long use lifetime of the machine.

1. The machine should be placed at the spot far from the Damp, High-Temperature, Dusty, Erosive, and oxidative environment.

2. All parts will be free from the strong shake, hit, fall.

3. Touching the power adaptor with the wet hands is prohibited.

4. Please hold the power adaptor head and do not pull the power cord when cut off from the socket.

5. Please turn the power off when the machine is not used for long time.

6. Please do not open the cover and do not touch the inside parts.

7. Please use the original factory power adaptor.

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